About Us

Aviator Flight Training was formed back 2007, as a dream come true by Owner/Chief Pilot Daniel Wotring. Daniel was discouraged by the lack of "career" flight instructors in the field and felt like he could make a real difference. He started out with just one airplane, his Cessna 170B, and over the last few years has grown his small one airplane fleet into several airplanes, including many classic warbirds.

Aviator Flight Training's passion is classic, antique, and tail wheel aircraft. This is the heart and soul of Aviator Flight Training, and the areas in which the company specializes. Aviator Flight Training seeks to pay homage to those great aviators who have come before us, who did not rely on fancy GPS or navigational equipment, but instead learned the basic fundamentals of stick and rudder aviation.

Over the past several years, as the company has grown, Aviator Flight Training has been able to help many talented and motivated aviators achieve their dreams. Aviator Flight Training has an outstanding record of assisting individuals earn their aeronautical ratings, become proficient in classic warbird trainers, or become a stellar formation pilot.

At Aviator Flight Training, we have helped launched many individuals into outstanding careers, such as the United States Air Force and Navy. Many of our students have also gone on to attending top aeronautical universities such as Embry Riddle. We have also helped place many of our former students in successful jobs in the aviation community.

At Aviator Flight Training, we keep the best instructors and pilots on staff, this high standard translates to the safety and quality of the instruction in the aircraft. We also have not forgotten that aviation itself if fun, and we continue to strive to show the fun that is a part of aviation.

Come fly with us and see for yourself what makes Aviator Flight Training a cut above the rest.