Events and Fly Overs

Aviator Flight Training has the experience and the knowledge from years of flying airplanes that pilot dream of and few Flight Instructors have learned to fly. This has been a passion of our and one of our number one goals. If you have purchased or are planning on purchasing your dream airplane, we are the people to call to facilitate you in your training.

Fly Overs

What better way to signal the opening of your next big event from a Birthday Party, a Grand Opening to a Major Sporting Event than an over flight of an Historic aircraft or better yet a whole flight of them! This will definitely be something your attendees will remember.

*Special Weather Minimums and Federal Aviation Regulations apply.


Use our aircraft as a backdrop for your next event. We also can help find you a great on airport venue near you! Static display of aircraft come with a knowledgeable and friendly person to answer any questions your guests may have. Ride packages are also available during daytime events.

Missing Man Tributes

The Ultimate Tribute to a fallen Aviator, Veteran or Loved One is the missing man flight. Best done with 4 airplanes (3 minimum) typically includes two flyovers, with the missing man maneuver completed on the second pass, leaving a empty space where our comrade once was. Missing man formations are extremely touching to military personnel and aviatiors alike and rarely leave a dry eye.