Flight Training

Aviator Flight Training has the experience and the knowledge from years of flying airplanes that pilot dream of and few Flight Instructors have learned to fly. This has been a passion of our and one of our number one goals. If you have purchased or are planning on purchasing your dream airplane, we are the people to call to facilitate you in your training.

Tailwheel Training

Aviator Flight Training specializes in classic and antique tailwheel airplanes. We have a proven and efficient method of transitioning pilots to earn they're tailwheel endorsement! Our tailwheel transition course is a great way to improve your skills as an aviator and will give you a skill set that will improve your control for flying any aircraft! Most pilots are surprised at how easy and fun it is, but watch out.... it can be an addiction!!!!

This training is available to pilots of all experience levels from Student through ATP!



Tailwheel packages include 10 hours with Instructor (ground and flight) and 6.5 hours of aircraft time. Additional time at regular rates.

Cessna 170B - $1495
Great Lakes Biplane - $1875
Stearman Biplane - $2495

Ask about combining airplanes!

Warbird Training

T-6 Training Available in Customers Aircraft! Will Travel throughout the USA!



T-6/SNJ Texan - Inquire for rates.

Stearman Biplane - $350/hr (dual - includes instructor), ground instruction not included.

Transition and Check-Out Training

Aviator Flight Training has for years been building the experience to fly and instruct in aircraft most pilots dream of and very few Flight Instructors have learned to fly. If you have purchased, or plan on purchasing your dream airplane we are the people to call to facilitate that your training!

Pilot Training

At Aviator Flight Training we love to see people chase their dreams and accomplish their goals! Our experienced team can help you earn your wings as a Private, Instrument, Commercial Pilot or Certified Flight Instructor. We also team up with other great Flight Training Companies thoughout Southern California to make sure you achieve your Dreams!



High Performance Endorsement (Includes ground school and 2 hours in aircraft)

Stearman Biplane (220hp) - $350/hr