Our Aircraft

Aviator Flight Training has the experience and the knowledge from years of flying airplanes that pilot dream of and few Flight Instructors have learned to fly. This has been a passion of our and one of our number one goals. If you have purchased or are planning on purchasing your dream airplane, we are the people to call to facilitate you in your training.

Boeing Stearman PT-17 Kaydet (Model 75)

When people picture that iconic biplane majestically soaring the sky they typically picture the Boeing Stearman. This airplane has a special place in history as typically being the first aircraft a US military pilot would have to learn during WWII. Many veterans still talk with a spark in they're eye of flying the Stearman. You can't really blame them, when you experience this majestic airplane it envelops you, you feel the wind around you, you smell nature (and a slight sweat hint of burnt AvGas) and your view of the world changes. A flight in our Stearman will be a memorable experience weather your goal is a short flight along the beautiful beaches of Southern California or training to master this great airplane you won't regret it!

Great Lakes Aircraft Company 2T-1A Sport Trainer

This classic airplane was originally designed in the late 1920's as a 2 place "Sport Plane". Built strong enough to do aerobatics and with great flying and landing characteristics it has become a favorite amongst those who have had the privilege to fly one! Our Aircraft is part of the "2nd generation Great Lakes", built in the 1970's and 1980's These airplanes took the best of the original airplanes and equipped them with a modern engine and electronic equipment greatly improving they're reliability. This airplane is great for that pilot wanting to build confidence prior to moving to the PT-17 as well as a great airplane for your first "Open Cockpit Ride".

Cessna 170B

The Cessna 170 was originally designed in 1948 as a 4 place light airplane for the emerging market of pilots home from WWII. This airplane developed a legacy of its own. This airplane has the great distinction of not only being a wonderful airplane in its own right but was the basis of to legendary airplanes as well. The first was the Cessna Model 305 which became the O-1 Bird Dog, this airplane served as a military observation airplane throughout the Korea and Vietnam conflicts! The second Airplane is the Cessna 172 which more C-172's have been built than any other aircraft in history!

Experience first hand the amazing visibility of this airplane while seeing the beautiful sights of Southern California in a scenic tour or Earn YOUR tail wheel endorsement in this great aircraft!

Douglas DC-3A

For more information about our DC-3 ride program, please check out our friends at Wings Of Valor